About us

Kiri Cosmetics is Cosmetics reputable manufacturer, supplier and Exporter in India for premium quality Soap, Luxury Soap and organic soap , Our Pure Natural Products are made of completely natural ingredients and with utmost care to ensure that our consumers get the best experience possible when using our Products. Our company has satisfied customers both locally and foreign / overseas over the years, by providing visible skin clearing results and other benefits since our existence.

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Welcome To Kiri Cosmetics

At Kiri Cosmetics we promise to provide products of the Quality and Care and this is why our products are made with no animal fats, fillers or harmful chemicals, but are made with natural ingredients and double milled to ensure high standards of manufacturing are maintained.

Kiri Cosmetics has virtually unlimited flexibility to Customize Cosmetics and introduce variants into the manufacturing process while maintaining strict control over product quality.

With having the technological know- how we speed product development, reduce production cycle time and maximizes yields. Our commitment to quality has been recognized and certified by customers in India and is growing globally.

We offer our customers a virtual one stop product development, taking a new product idea / concept from that idea to an on the shelf product. All label design and production is completed in-house and we offer our customers the choice of supplying goods under our own brand names, or with their own personal brand label.

Combining our family expertise with the onsite insight, we proudly offer innovative original recipes for private labeling, as well as popular time-tested favorites. We provide outstanding personal attention and customer service through every step of production including formulation and package design and we cater to all venues. We are located in Salem , India is licensed for manufacture.